Showers with a chance of Grace


I hope that wherever I happen to live in future, I will have access to the place in my home that I absolutely adore–the shower! I love water. I love quiet alone time. For me, showering is an awesome start to the day, a magic mood changer, or a tingling, sensational way to warm my cells and vibrate with renewed aliveness. If I have to live somewhere without a shower then perhaps adequate substitutes could be sitting in a sauna or steam room, dunking in a pool and lying in the warming sun afterwards, or soaking in a quiet morning bath.

The shower has been important to me since being the age that I was finally allowed to shower instead of bath (and manage my own self-care), through challenging new motherhood (when showering was brief-and required utilising a carseat and exersaucer for the wee ones) until now when I can take some personal time and let the outside world hush for a while. It’s like stepping into a full-body-mind cleanse. Here, I can rejuvenate, relax, contemplate, or watch a disturbing mood go down the drain. (Picture the statue of ‘The Thinker’) I often get more in touch with reality, find new perspective or become ready for a fresh start.

For a sensational kickoff to my day and to transition from the grumpy, sore, sleepy Crystal to the focused, vitalized, alive Crystal–I shower! For a while, I have my own pulsing accupressure treatment. I just love feeling the cool morning breeze through an open bathroom window while watching the hot steam swirl and float like tendrils of smoky freedom. What contrast! I see the sun rise and sparkle through water drops on the transparent curtain. Each drop is alive, is a powerful little bead of clean water with potential to clarify and nourish. I feel gratitude. A new day; what shall I do with it? This gives me hope, I get new ideas, I feel loved more deeply than a human kind of love; I feel supported and ready to make decisions and be in service to life. I feel a peaceful warmth glowing through me. Indulge!

Get out! Get curious.

Agelaius_phoeniceus_0110_taxoDo you ever have the urge to get away from the house for just a little while but don’t know what to do? Are you tired of seeing walls? Do you get the feeling of wanting to see something new or be in natural surroundings? I regularly take time away by going for a drive or walking in a park. I like to explore the many natural areas that are not far from the city–and I don’t even need a 4×4! Seeking new experiences helps me get out of my head and be curious about life around me. My body starts to breathe easier when I see the morning sunshine or smell rain on trees.

My husband and I took time for a Sunday drive to get ‘out’ and get ‘into’ relationship–with each other and with life. I picked a direction, got fuel and snacks and started driving. I thought to myself, ‘I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ll know it when I get there.’ So I drove, looking out for ‘there’.

I took a turn down an unfamiliar road–something new! Wow, lots of hills and curves–yes! I want this experience. Kept driving until, ‘there’–a good place to stop for a while. I stopped on the side of a road amid grass fields, overlooking a tiny lake. Aaah, quiet. It was just any road; just any tiny lake, fields, trees and fences–and my curiousity was ignited. What is that snow-topped mountain far in the distance? What will these trees look like in the summer? Where does this road go?

I watched out the windows and laughed–we were surrounded by crows and red-winged blackbirds. Delight! Groups of birds took flight together and landed while others danced in a muddy driveway. Some were picking seeds with their pointy beaks. Action was all around. They were putting on a show for us just by going about their ordinary business. I felt enveloped in life. What a treat. How extraordinary!

It felt like time to drive again and see what was around the next corner. I was eager to witness more ordinary gifts. I was glad to share those simple moments with my loved one. I felt content to make my way home again–refreshed, excited and curious.

My Teacup is always Full

glass-teacup-and-saucer-p223-266_zoom_grandeI often look through a window when I can’t get outside yet need to ‘reflect on’ something; to think more clearly for a while. It’s through looking, that I can see and feel my real self-the Self that’s not confined to the body- mind self. That’s where I was this morning-looking and seeing. I held my mug of tea and looked out into but not at the trees, clouds, greening grass and occasional activity of our world.

First of all, I want to mention an aside: my mug. It is a gift from my grown daughters. It reads “Best Mom (Ever)”.  I am greatful for their recognition. It is a gift also, as it turns out, from the universe. On this morning, after a touching and truthful conversation with my husband, I sat in a moment of reflection and silent pleading,

“Please melt my heart. Melt my heart so that I may be more available to relationship. I hold out my hands to you. This is my cup, please fill it with love.”

and I heard the reply,

“The cup that I ‘fill’ is bottomless, my child. There is no amount measured; my love is infinite. You will always have enough. You will need only to remember what is already available. Love is a doorway. Step through. Fill up your cup. Body of Christ-in every moment of ordinary life.”

This reminded me of a possible daily ritual. I can drink the hot tea, relax and feel renewed. As the level of fluid lowers in the cup, know that the vessel is constantly filled by everpresent Love. Just ask to know it and then cherish moments of feeling love and being Love.

When you have your cup of tea (or coffee, milk, or your water); contemplate. What are you thankful for? Who in your life cares for you-and do you recognize their ways? Who do you want in your endless mug of love? What is really important? What makes you a better person-available to relationship?