Trashy Talk


I am inspired. I’m inspired by books, movies, nature AND the great people in this world.  There are many that I appreciate. I appreciate what some people do to make my world nicer to look at. Here’s just a few who have made an impact and caused me to do what I can to help keep this world beautiful.

Andy Sward ran coast to coast, simply to pick up bottles, cans, coffee cups etc. He loves this country and wants it to be a nice green place for all and future generations to enjoy. In fact, he pledged to not stop the runs until he picked up a Million Bottles!

His willingness to do his part has given me cause to re-think my ability to contribute. Yes I go on ‘fresh air’ and ‘exercise’ walks. I too, could help keep places greener by bringing a bag to collect abandoned garbage. I see people-usually of the older generation-regularly doing this on community trails near where I live.

A very active young hiker and travel writer, Teresa the Traveler, gave her Facebook followers the “Plus One Challenge”. She challenges hikers and travelers using natural areas to bring out their own garbage, ‘plus one’ that is found.  It’s easy to do. Yes, it’s other people leaving it behind; yes I’m cleaning up ‘their’ mess. Yes, unfortunately, they don’t know how helpful they could be–yet!

Guess who else cleans up after us? The dumpster divers. They do us a favor, if you can believe it. They pick out and recycle the returnables that are so carelessly discarded with trash. Thanks for saving those plastics and cans from going to landfills.

Hopefully more people will catch on and do their part to keep the world greener in whichever way they can. One person makes a small change; several people set an awesome example. Thanks to all of you who care and do what you can.

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