Gifted with Opera

As I walked outdoors the other day in downtown of the city, I heard a deep operatic voice. While a little perplexed, I thought it might be coming from a neighbor’s house but it seemed to float down from above me. Then I located the singer; a man was making his way down a sidewalk on a street above the neighborhood. He wore headphones while he walked and shared his song. I felt uplifted and thankful for being treated to this resonant voice for moments of my day.

I wondered about the freedom he may have felt as he walked, just simply singing alongside the busy traffic; his opera intermingling with the thundering city busses. I felt glad that people in this world choose to share their gifts. I mean ‘gifts’ to be whatever people do well (or choose to practice till mastered) that brings others some improvement of life quality.

I’m speaking of the feeling I get when someone makes it look easy and enjoyable to deliver mail, pick up garbage, serve a meal or direct traffic with a smile. I appreciate artists of all kinds who put forth their personal perspectives and passions. I also refer to the man who pushes a cart containing his belongings along city sidewalks. He has a smile for everyone and asks nothing of us other than the reminder that’s hand-lettered on cardboard and attached to his cart. It speaks of loving others in a way that they remain free. He too, is sharing his gifts. I feel blessed to notice the extraordinary people I live among and get to experience life’s gifts with. I want to share myself freely that others may know life more deeply.

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