At Your Service

Do more for others than yourself. In a world mostly concerned with self, is that even possible? Don’t I have to look after myself? Don’t I have to protect and defend what’s mine? What is it to live a life of service yet still take care my my own needs? Where is the balance? How on earth could we measure? What really matters–is love. Can I give love freely whenever possible? I can focus on that.

It is loving to:

  • volunteer your time
  • be a quiet shoulder for someone to cry on. Resist the urge to fix or ask questions. No explanations are really needed. Just be a gift of listening.
  • mend a rip in your spouse’s jeans–because you can
  • bring your sister tea when she’s been feeling grouchy and upset even though you may want to ‘give it right back’
  • tell the truth-the one truth that works for all
  • visit your folks and make them dinner
  • get groceries for someone who isn’t easily mobile
  • clean a home together and be proud of a job well done
  • give a caring hug or some physical touch
  • smile, let down your walls
  • help someone who has difficulty going through a door

All of this is being in service–but to what? I want to be in service to humans waking up to a potential–a potential to live in love, speak truth and remember that we are made from one source. I recently read the suggestion that it takes less energy to cooperate than to keep a fight going. When you work for the good of all you will not lose yourself. Perhaps you will be more in touch with your real loving self.

I want to remember that we are all in this experience together; that I am not alone and that something greater embraces all. Pass it on. Pay it forward. Do whatever works for you to become one who serves ‘in love’ for the greater good.

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