Let the Fighting Rest

I, like many others had been following a popular tv show for the last few years. We gathered bi-weekly to eat, talk and watch together. It’s a show with a good story–fighting for survival, but recently I just became sad to see all the fighting. The show’s characters are fighting for life, fighting for territory, fighting for nourishment. I think I’ve seen enough fighting. I started to realize there’s questions in me.

Why does someone have to be better, mightier while the other weaker–shut down? We talk about fighting, watch it on tv, bet on it, debate on fighting others who are fighting and continue our own fighting. We fight with ourselves; shut down our goodness and fight cancers and disease. We fight others–even our loved ones (yes I am including myself here) on a regular basis. I think there’s enough fighting in this world with plenty to go around–wars, strikes, political ‘fights’. I start to feel helpless and stuck in a never-ending dis-eased state of being. Who wants to give up the fight and life for and in Love?

I chose to stop watching the tv show and a few others that just didn’t feel right any more. Now I like to watch something inspiring or uplifting or helpful. I want to focus on working together, compromising, on not resisting. *Much harder said than done* But I have to start. I want to contribute my energy to good. I suspect and hope that eventually, caring intention will have to make more difference and influence than the ‘sides’, the ‘wars’, the power struggles and fights.

I have to believe and practice being more than what seems to be the norm. Yes, a tiny step at a time. Can I fall into love with the world-even with its faults, immaturity, mistakes and fails? I find examples every day of the world’s beauty and inspiration; the ordinary revealed extraordinary. Can I find strength in the one truth that aligns us? Can I choose life? My heart craves peace. I want to light a candle within and be one of the glowing lights that show the path for others who wish to remember who they really are. Can you remember that you are love? Can we let some of our own fights rest even while others continue to choose war?

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