Drive Into Your World

‘Why do I not go for drives more often?’ I thought to myself, as I was starting out on a road trip to visit family this Easter. I’d forgotten how I love to drive out of the city and get into wide open landscapes. I love seeing the huge hills, deep valleys and curving rivers. For a while, I feel less crowded. I feel much bigger, open and excited about seeing new things. I’m so glad that I got to travel around BC with my family while I was a child and young teen. I appreciated our short Sunday drives in the country and felt fortunate to experience summer vacations at lakes and go on special trips.

As I travel the road now, I see places I’d like to stop and feel for long, quiet moments–but this time we have a schedule to keep. I get curious about what it’d be like to live at some of the places we pass–well, I’m still bound to a home and job. So, it’s great to drive and dream, and plan what I’d like my life to be someday. I know I have to start that ‘someday’ now before it slips away.

I have to make plans and put tiny steps into action; visualize and then actualize. Because every potential exists, I just have to get started. The outcome may not be what I originally thought, but I need to start creating what I want and what makes me feel good–starting now. I will plan a future road trip for me! Perhaps I’ll head out with no destination and a very loose time schedule to see where life drives me. I can choose to drive for a day or for a few hours. I can stop for 20 minutes or stare at a lake for an hour. I am sure that I will benefit from whatever experience finds me. Where will you go?

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