My Happy Clock and Me

2016-03-27 22.09.18

So, the clock caught my eye in the thrift store–the colors of blues and sparkly glass reflecting the light. As I described to my curious and puzzled daughter, “I’ll see those colors in the morning and feel good.” It’ll be my happy clock. It’s a creation of glass pieces, fused into a tile. There’s delicate white flowers that mark the quarter hours. All it needed was a battery and I hoped that it would work and keep time well. It should–it’s brand new. It still had a sticker on the front, ‘Made in Italy. Venezia. Murano.’

I found the right battery and set the clock in its new happy place on my night stand. And then I realized that I had forgotten something in all of this. While I was caught up with the light, sparkly colors and admiring my happy clock, I forgot that real clocks tick. They tick and tock. Over and over–all night long! I’m so used to digital and electronic timekeepers–they’re quiet!

I laughed. My happy clock is giving me more than I expected; an everpresent audible reminder that time passes (so long as I am within earshot). Luckily, I already wear earplugs to bed most times to block out other, not-so-happy-clock-sounds. We’ll see how this works out; me and my ‘ticking’ clock. I really want to give it a chance before I hastily do a batterectomy. Then it would only look pretty but not be functional and that’s a waste, isn’t it? For some reason this clock found me and I will give it a fair chance.

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