Showers with a chance of Grace


I hope that wherever I happen to live in future, I will have access to the place in my home that I absolutely adore–the shower! I love water. I love quiet alone time. For me, showering is an awesome start to the day, a magic mood changer, or a tingling, sensational way to warm my cells and vibrate with renewed aliveness. If I have to live somewhere without a shower then perhaps adequate substitutes could be sitting in a sauna or steam room, dunking in a pool and lying in the warming sun afterwards, or soaking in a quiet morning bath.

The shower has been important to me since being the age that I was finally allowed to shower instead of bath (and manage my own self-care), through challenging new motherhood (when showering was brief-and required utilising a carseat and exersaucer for the wee ones) until now when I can take some personal time and let the outside world hush for a while. It’s like stepping into a full-body-mind cleanse. Here, I can rejuvenate, relax, contemplate, or watch a disturbing mood go down the drain. (Picture the statue of ‘The Thinker’) I often get more in touch with reality, find new perspective or become ready for a fresh start.

For a sensational kickoff to my day and to transition from the grumpy, sore, sleepy Crystal to the focused, vitalized, alive Crystal–I shower! For a while, I have my own pulsing accupressure treatment. I just love feeling the cool morning breeze through an open bathroom window while watching the hot steam swirl and float like tendrils of smoky freedom. What contrast! I see the sun rise and sparkle through water drops on the transparent curtain. Each drop is alive, is a powerful little bead of clean water with potential to clarify and nourish. I feel gratitude. A new day; what shall I do with it? This gives me hope, I get new ideas, I feel loved more deeply than a human kind of love; I feel supported and ready to make decisions and be in service to life. I feel a peaceful warmth glowing through me. Indulge!

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