My Teacup is always Full

glass-teacup-and-saucer-p223-266_zoom_grandeI often look through a window when I can’t get outside yet need to ‘reflect on’ something; to think more clearly for a while. It’s through looking, that I can see and feel my real self-the Self that’s not confined to the body- mind self. That’s where I was this morning-looking and seeing. I held my mug of tea and looked out into but not at the trees, clouds, greening grass and occasional activity of our world.

First of all, I want to mention an aside: my mug. It is a gift from my grown daughters. It reads “Best Mom (Ever)”.  I am greatful for their recognition. It is a gift also, as it turns out, from the universe. On this morning, after a touching and truthful conversation with my husband, I sat in a moment of reflection and silent pleading,

“Please melt my heart. Melt my heart so that I may be more available to relationship. I hold out my hands to you. This is my cup, please fill it with love.”

and I heard the reply,

“The cup that I ‘fill’ is bottomless, my child. There is no amount measured; my love is infinite. You will always have enough. You will need only to remember what is already available. Love is a doorway. Step through. Fill up your cup. Body of Christ-in every moment of ordinary life.”

This reminded me of a possible daily ritual. I can drink the hot tea, relax and feel renewed. As the level of fluid lowers in the cup, know that the vessel is constantly filled by everpresent Love. Just ask to know it and then cherish moments of feeling love and being Love.

When you have your cup of tea (or coffee, milk, or your water); contemplate. What are you thankful for? Who in your life cares for you-and do you recognize their ways? Who do you want in your endless mug of love? What is really important? What makes you a better person-available to relationship?